“The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens. We can't be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we're not all there is. If so, we're in big trouble.” ― Ellen DeGeneres
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Allow all things to be possible,for all things are possible! / Ono cemu date energiju i emociju postaje realnost! TO JE DAR SVAKOG LJUDSKOG BICA,CEMU GOD DATE EMOCIJU ,TO POSTAJE REALNOST ZA VAS!
U.S.A.have been in contact with alien civilization
U.S.A. je vec neko vreme u kontaktu sa vanzemaljskom civilizacijom

The solar system is an artificial creation. The Moon has been also artificially created and in the past it was dragged closed to the Earth, in order to maintain its gravity.
Human beings are of extraterrestrial origin!In 2014... we are going to find out that the man is of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists will announce in 2014 that the solar system is an artificial creation.To be more precise, it will be revealed that it is a machinery, and not of natural origin,as we used to think.The Sun, the Moon and the other planets are" repairing and cleaning" at present,thus a large number of alien spaceships are circling all around,even around our planet and our sky. The Moon has been also artificially created and in the past it was dragged closed to the Earth, in order to maintain its gravity.For more:






U.S.A.have been in contact with alien civilization
Americans have been for some time in contact with alien civilization. Is it a reality Barack Obama will make a formal press announcement that alien extraterrestrial life is among us-publicly, rumors says its possible. 2011-12 is it the years that we will be officially confirmed by the American government that what many people's were seeing in the skies in the past were indeed ufo's and from another world or dimension.
UN declared the meeting with the alien civilization
Last year there was a unique (though little noticed) event in the life of mankind: the first time in Istria our civilization created by the official representative for relations with extraterrestrials. It was headed by 58-year-old scientist, an astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, Malaysia. From 2011 the office received funding and began full operation at the UN. True, what it deals with every day, hard to imagine. Mazlan Othman itself so characterized its task: „The ongoing search for extraterrestrial communication with residents give up hope that one day mankind will take signals from extraterrestrials. When this happens, we need to give a coordinated response that will take into account all sides of an issue. „However, judging by some of the published U.S. documents, secret communications with aliens has long been established. For example, an American social activist Bill Cooper, in his report „The Secret Government“ (The Secret Government) on 5/23/1989, approves the following: „The representatives of extraterrestrial contact with us since the days of President Eisenhower. They offered us help in our spiritual development. The main requirement on their part was the dismantling and destruction of our nuclear weapons. We have to stop one to destroy one another, to pollute the planet, ruthlessly exploiting the natural resources of the earth. We must live in harmony with nature. Americans are afraid to be helpless against the aliens, thought that the disarmament would not serve U.S. interests. Nevertheless, there was a specific agreement. It provided the following agreement.
 • The aliens do not interfere in the internal affairs of the United States and vice versa.
 • U.S. remains a secret presence of aliens.
 • Aliens U.S. supply advanced technologies and help in technological development.
 • They do not sign any treaties with other nations of the earth.
 • They have the right from time to time and in limited quantities to take to his people for medical research and monitoring of their development, but on condition that all these people are left unharmed, will be returning to the place of capture, will not be aware of what was happening to them. In the conditions also included that the aliens will regularly provide the government a list of all kidnapped and a list of all contacts with people.
 • Each party shall invite the other party appropriate ambassador for the term of the agreement.
 • United States and this alien nation will exchange for 16 persons on each side for mutual learning. While there are alien visitors on Earth, a group of people should go home aliens.
 • The aliens will be built underground bases, two of which are intended to be shared by aliens and the U.S. government.
 It was found necessary to create an international special private group to oversee and coordinate action to preserve confidentiality and prevent leaks to the press on information from government circles in various countries. Thus was established a clandestine organization known as „Bilderbergery. Its first meeting was held in 1954 at the Hotel Bilderberg in Osterbeke, The Netherlands, and since they are held annually, alternately in different countries. This three-day conference, which involved more than 100 leading representatives of the higher circles of finance and international organizations, industry, politics, trade unions, military, academics and media from Europe and North America Bilderbergerov headquarters is in Geneva. They turned into the secret world government, under the direction and control, which is everything on Earth. „ Cooper argues that a world government, along with aliens develops and implements programs to discredit all the information about UFOs and other activities of extraterrestrial intelligence on the planet. Those who oppose it are destroyed.

Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (CETI) is a branch of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence that focuses on composing and deciphering messages that could theoretically be understood by another technological civilization. The best-known CETI experiment was the 1974 Arecibo message composed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. There are multiple independent organizations and individuals engaged in CETI research; the abbreviations CETI and SETI alone should not be taken as referring to any particular organization (such as the SETI Institute). CETI research has focused on four broad areas: mathematical languages, pictorial systems such as the Arecibo message, algorithmic communication systems (ACETI) and computational approaches to detecting and deciphering "natural" language communication. There remain many undeciphered writing systems in human communication, such as Linear A, discovered by archeologists. Much of the research effort is directed at how to overcome similar problems of decipherment which arise in many scenarios of interplanetary communication.
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Humans working along side aliens at area 51 


JFK tried to expose the truth that alien extraterrestrial life is among us but was assassinated?





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"It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow." Robert H. Goddard

Chance Alignment Between Galaxies Mimics a Cosmic Collision
Source: Hubblesite.org Merging Galaxy Cluster Abell 520
Source: Hubblesite.org Galaxy Cluster MACS 1206
Source: Hubblesite.org Star-Forming Region S106
Source: Hubblesite.org Hubble Sees Giant Lensed Galaxy Arc
Source: Hubblesite.org

Optical and X-ray Composite Image of SNR 0509-67.5
Source: Hubblesite.org Anatomy of a Black Hole
Source: Hubblesite.org Hubble
Source: Hubblesite.org

Dark Matter Map in Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689
Source: Hubblesite.org

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Source: Hubblesite.org


Prenosimo Vam obavestenje: U.S. Embassy Belgrade - Od 7. decembra prelazimo na nov i pojednostavljen sistem zakazivanja termina za podnosioce zahteva za vize koji žele da odu u Sjedinjene Države http://bit.ly/VxVGEx
Univerzum je živ u svim svojim mаnifestаcijаmа  
  "Život je ritаm koji se morа spoznаti. Jа osećаm tаj ritаm i uprаvljаm se po njemu i prepuštаm mu se. On je vrlo zаhvаlаn i dаo mi je znаnjа kojа imаm. Sve što živi povezаno je dubokim i divnim vezаmа: čovek i zvezde, аmebа i Sunce, nаše srce i kruženje beskonаčnog brojа svetovа. Te veze su nerаskidive, аli one se mogu pripitomiti i umilostiviti tаko dа čovek i sаm počne dа stvаrа nove i drugаčije odnose u svetu, а dа stаre ne nаruši. Znаnje dolаzi iz vаsione; nаš vid je njegov nаjsаvršeniji prijemnik. Imаmo dvа okа: zemаljsko i duhovno. Trebа nаstojаti dа onа postаnu jedno oko. Univerzum je živ u svim svojim mаnifestаcijаmа, poput kаkve misleće životinje. Kаmen je misаono i osećаjno biće, kаo što su to biljke, zver i čovek. Zvezdа kojа sijа trаži dа je gledаmo, i dа nismo oveć obuzeti sobom rаzumeli bismo njen jezik i poruke. Svoje disаnje, oči i uši čovek morа usklаditi sа disаnjem, očimа i ušimа univerzumа." NIKOLA TESLA

  "Svi smo mi jedno. Ljudi su međusobno povezani nevidljivim silama. Kаd god je neko od meni bliskih i drаgih ljudi bio povređen, jа sаm osećаo fizičku bol. To je zаto što su nаšа telа od slične grаđe, а duše vezаne nerаskidivim nitimа. Neshvаtljivа tugа kojа nаs ponekаd obuzme, znаči dа je negde, nа drugom krаju ove plаnete, umrlo dete ili plemenit čovek. Celа vаsionа je u izvesnim periodimа bolesnа, od sаme sebe i od nаs. Iščeznuće neke zvezde i pojаvа komete utiču nа nаs više nego što mi to slutimo. Veze među stvorenjimа nа Zemlji su još jаče; zbog nаših osećаnjа i misli cvet će divnije zаmirisаti ili ućutаti. Te istine iznovа morаmo učiti dа bismo se izlečili. Lek je u nаšem srcu i, isto tаko, u srcu životinje koju nаzivаmo vаsionom." NIKOLA TESLA

  The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before. Albert Einstein
  There's a story... a legend, about a bird that sings just once in its life. From the moment it leaves its nest, it searches for a thorn tree... and never rests until it's found one. And then it sings...more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. And singing, it impales itself on the longest, sharpest thorn. But, as it dies, it rises above its own agony, to outsing the lark and the nightingale. The thorn bird pays its life for just one song, but the whole world stills to listen, and God in his heaven smiles. What does it mean? That the best...is bought only at the cost of great pain.  
  "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind." Albert Einstein  
“The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens. We can't be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we're not all there is. If so, we're in big trouble.” ― Ellen DeGeneres
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